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CRISTIANZEROTRE is a new brand born in 2017.

The brand was founded by a young Italian entrepreneur, Jessica Vitelli, born and raised in a family of shoe workers.

The idea of "CRISTIANZEROTRE" was born from the awareness of creating something innovative and for everyone.

As a matter of fact, in 2017, Jessica designed her first shoe, with real leather and maxi laces, which is also different from all the others because of its stage presence.

This shoe has a high plateau, impressive laces and strong colors.She always tries to study and explore innovative features to keep her essence.

The goal of the brand was to create a "Made in Italy" for everyone; in fact, each product is made with the skill of Italian craftsmen.

Fashion brought shoes of great value to the market and succeeded in satisfying the needs of people who wanted "something valuable" at an affordable price.

She launched her first website and at the same time the first shop on an Italian island and had success all over Italy.

She wanted to "give guarantee and confidence to her customers" and provided tools such as email and Whatsapp numbers to answer any doubts and questions customers might have.

CRISTIANZEROTRE starts to be a guarantee all over the world and this allows the young entrepreneur to expand her business in the market.

She opens two more websites to meet the multinational needs and deliver shipments all over the world, including Europe and the USA.


Made in Italy!

"The much with little that you have been looking for".


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